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pwd 04/08/2010

April 8, 2010
  • People with physical limitations are used to not only hard work but also dealing with rude people all day. Disabled people also are more sensitive to how to  control what they say, so that it might not be misunderstood. Disabled workers are more courteous and welcoming of new personal at there work place. They are more likely not to judge or gossip because they know how it feels. This makes them prefect for dealing with customers on a daily basis.

    Someone with physical challenges might have transportation issues.  This makes them more likely to stay employed with one company as long as possible.  A disabled person is very used to talking their way out of difficult situations; this makes them effective problem solvers. Disabled people are often more aware about presentation because they are often on display for other peoples judgment.

    Disabled workers are often more likely to help out their fellow coworkers. They are used to people having to help them out, so they do not mind another coworker getting help.  They are great workers because they are so used to having to follow instructions to ensure their safety, so when at work, they take great direction when you ask them to do something.

    With workers that have physical or mental impairments, they often have to use their creative side of their mind to get out of sticky situations. They are often not only more creative than their fellow coworkers, but also can think of ideas faster than most. This is because they often have to make a choice in split second.  Disabled workers can find positive aspects to every situation because they have been through more than most people

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